Bhimaji Patil hailed from Maharashtra and was suffering from tuberculosis. He was treated by many doctors and took many medicines but to no avail. He came to know about Saibaba in Shirdi and visited him.

Ever since he had the darshan of Saibaba, Bhimaji Patil became his ardent devotee. Taking pity on his disciple, Saibaba decided to cure Patil of his disease.


On every No-Moon Day, Pariwar feeds a minimum of 500 people, poor and rich, with a square meal. Guruji is of the firm belief that feeding the poor on that day is what truly delights Sai Baba rather than the traditional pooja and abhishekam. 


Every year on the month of May, the Pariwar celebrates the Chitra festival where we complete many charity activities such as:

1. Performing the wedding of one poor couple

2. Providing educational financial support to deserving students 

3. Providing free medical assistance to poor devotees 

4. Providing Annadhanam to over 3000 people.


Founded in 2004, Sri Sai Prachar Pariwar has been involving itself in many charitable activities that Baba preached in his lifetime. The Pariwar enjoys a membership of over 3000 families and growing. All members, though hail from different places, different religious beliefs, and different families, confluence as part of one larger family, that is Sri Sai Prachar Pariwar. Through this spiritual union, the Pariwar embodies the true spirit of national integration and communal harmony.

Pariwar also arranges to provide free food to pilgrims in Shiridi on special days like Ram Navami and Diwali. We undertake to perform this Annadanam for a fortnight every year.