Bhimaji Patil hailed from Maharashtra and was suffering from tuberculosis. He was treated by many doctors and took many medicines but to no avail. He came to know about Saibaba in Shirdi and visited him.

Ever since he had the darshan of Saibaba, Bhimaji Patil became his ardent devotee. Taking pity on his disciple, Saibaba decided to cure Patil of his disease.

One night Bhimaji dreamt that he was being punished for not doing homework. Since then Bhimaji’s suffering started subsiding slowly and he was rid of the disease completely. In gratitude, Bhimaji Patil introduced a special pooja called Sai Sathya Vrada  Pooja.  This Pooja involves reciting Baba’s life, miracles and teachings through five stories in Marathi followed by Annadhanam.

Sai Prachar Pariwar has performed this Pooja in Tamil format in thousands of devotees’ homes to thank Baba for his unstinting grace. The only difference is this Pooja is performed entirely in Tamil including the recitation of five stories.